Product Quality

The overriding principle behind every screw machine product manufactured by Richard Manno & Company, whether it’s a per print special or any of the hundreds of machined items available from stock, is to meet or exceed customer quality requirements.  To achieve this, all of our products must first meet the acceptance level of our toughest critics – our own inspection team.  Our ISO 9001 and QSLM/QSLD Class 2 certifications are a testament to our commitment to this.

In viewing the various parameters, whether it’s the correct micro finish on a machined surface on a dowel pin or the consistently-precise fit of a threaded length on a precision shoulder screw, our inspectors take their important responsibilities very seriously. For instance, we check the threads not only for gage-fit, but also under high magnification to ensure the absence of burrs at the crests. The main concern is to get it right the first time.

Inspection Process

There several inspections that take place for every job that we run. When the material is staged for each work order, the size and specification are verified.  Upon setup, a first piece inspection is performed by the set-up person, and then verified or rejected by an Inspector. Throughout the day, a machine operator will review the finish of the parts and take dimensional measurements to ensure the parts remain within tolerance. Each day’s run is then moved for in-process inspection for samples to be checked by another inspector.

If a part requires any secondary operations, each operation requires an additional inspection by quality personnel upon the setup of each process.  Once parts are completed in-house they receive a final inspection before moving to stock, outside processing or shipment to a customer.  If any outside processes are performed (heat treating, plating, passivation, etc.) an additional inspection will be performed by an inspector once the parts return from each process. This applies to everything we manufacture, from commercial dowel pins to fully-certified military and aerospace parts.

Inspection Equipment 

  • Nikon Shadowgraphs

  • Height Gages up to 50”

  • 2’ by 3’ Bench Surface Plate

  • Togosiseiko Hardness Tester

  • Pratt and Whitney Roll Snap Gages

  • Sunnen Bore Gage (.370 – 1.500 Capacity)

  • Etalon Jeweled Indicator Micrometers – Granite Surface Plates

  • Portman Optical Comparator

  • Depth Gages to 6”

  • Johanson-Thrift Gage Blocks

  • Surface Tester

  • Johnson External Thread Comparator: Meets Requirements of System 22

  • Single Element Gaging: Actual Thread Measurements Computerized Printout

  • For tensile, shear strength, case depth, florecent pentetrant inspection

  • Magnetic perm and many others

Outside inspection processes include lab testing and PPAP analysis. Due to the wide range of possible requirements, charges for these services will vary. Please contact us for further details and requirements.

Standard Certification Charges 

Certificate of Conformance – No Charge
Signed C of C – $15.00 Material Certification – $25.00
Heat Treat Certification – $25.00
Plating Certification – $25.00
Full Certs (includes all of the above, as applicable) – $50.00
Inspection Report – $100.00
Lab Test Report – Charge Available On Request
PPAP – Charge Available On Request